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International Centre for Development and Democratic Transition is an independent foundation with the ultimate mission of helping the development of Hungary and the European Union.

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The Story Behind: The Rise of a Giant – China in the World

Join our live session on 25 January 2022 at 10:00 (CET) on our Facebook page: ICDT - International Center for Development and Democratic Transition | Facebook

On 17th January, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping has delivered his first major speech of the new year at the World Economic Forum. What is behind his speech? ICDT Foundation would like to contribute to a better understanding of China with the next webinar of the "The Story Behind" series.

To analyze the question, we invited the following experts:

  •  10:00-10:05: Introduction by Ambassador Dr István Gyarmati, Professor, President of ICDT

  •  10:05-10:25: Presentation by Professor Dr Yiwei Wang,  Jean Monnet Chair Professor, Director of Institute of International Affairs, Director of Center for European Union Studies, Renmin University of China

  •  10:25-10:35: Comments by András Bartók, Assistant Professor, Faculty of International and Diplomatic Studies, National University of Public Services, Budapest

  •  10:35-11:00: Q&A session

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During the event, the the following topics will be discussed:

  •  China's political influence, economic dominance and fast developing military power makes it inevitable to better understand the Chinese vision of a new International World Order.

  • If the present International World Order has to be reformed/changed, where is the common denominator - if any - between the Chinese and the Western approach?

  • The West might like or dislike the present Chinese politics, but there is one thing it has to do: the West must try to get to know and understand China. 

Follow the event on Facebook live and address your questions to the experts in comments.

Magyarország védelme a XXI. században

September 21, 2021
Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem – Zrínyi Terem

September 15, 2020

The Rt. Hon. Lord George Robertson of Port Ellen, NATO's 10th Secretary General (1999-2003), KT. GCMG, FRSA,FRSE gave this interview to ICDT introducing his vision of NATO in the 21st Century.

His main message: the world remains a dangerous place these days. In order to ensure the security of the member states as well as their democratic order, NATO is as relevant as is has ever been – although with a different, broader and more difficult mission.