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International Centre for Development and Democratic Transition (ICDT) is an independent foundation with the ultimate mission of helping the development of Hungary and the European Union.

We at ICDT believe that the future of the Earth as well as of the humankind is in danger. Yes, we live better than ever before but this wealth is produced in such a way that its production poses a grave danger to the Earth by pollution, overproduction and overconsumption and is highly unevenly distributed among the people. All this creates serious danger to life on Earth as well as generates conflicts between different peoples.

We intend to draw the attention of our potential and ever growing audience to these problems. The first step is to make them aware that such problems exist, the second is to encourage them to seek for solutions and help to find them, and the third is to mobilize them to work on these solutions to happen.


The aim of the Foundation is to support Hungarian decision-making to be able to deal with the upcoming political, social and security related challenges independently from political parties.

  • European Integration

  • Security Issues

  • Social Development

  • Publications

  • Events

  • Cooperation


We operate on the field of development and democracy, utilizing our widespread connections and professional partners. We work with experienced professionals. We help and educate.

Our vast network provides us with the potential to always find the best Hungarian and international experts according to the concrete projects that we implement.

Quality over quantity is our modus operandi.

Although we, as a rule, address global issues, we concentrate on our own homeland, Hungary and attempt to find out, how these global problems might effect Hungary and what we can do to alleviate their negative effects and use our potential to utilize the opportunities they provide for.


We keep on learning and reaserching to have up-to-date information.


We conduct development projects to make Hungary ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.


We organize events to spread our knowledge, experience and values.

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