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Eger, 2-5. October 2018

On 2-5 October, the International Centre for Development and Democratic Transition (ICDT) organized a training on NATO for selected Hungarian university students in Eger, Hungary within the framework of its ongoing project sponsored by NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division. The training aimed at creating a pool of young experts on NATO, who will establish and operate a virtual “NATO Club” for one year in order to raise interest of youth in NATO and NATO’s significant contribution to Hungary’s security.

The 13 participants, coming from different Hungarian universities of the capital and the countryside, took part in interactive discussions with high-level experts on NATO, including NATO officials on several aspects of the Alliance and its strategic environment.

Contemporary security and economic challenges of the international system, the role of international organizations, the last NATO Summit in Brussels and its hottest topics, as well as the Hungarian Defense Forces and their significant contribution to Allied efforts were discussed throughout the training.

Furthermore, a communication training was held with the aim of preparing the students for one of the next steps of this project: to hold 2-3 lectures in various cities’ high schools of Hungary on NATO’s role in guaranteeing the security of Europe, and in particular, of Hungary.

Detailied program of the training

Day 1:

  • Dr. István Gyarmati, Ambassador, President – ICDT: Welcome speech + The world in the 21st century

  • György Surányi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees – ICDT: How the world economy works

Day 2:

  • Prof. Zoltán Szenes, Gen. (ret.), Director, International Security and Defence Studies, FIES, NUPS: NATO-summit in Brussels and the Hungarian Defence Forces

  • Csilla Würtz, Ambassador, former Secretary of the North Atlantic Council: NATO – Behind the scenes

Day 3:

  • Dr. Ágnes Horváth, professor, Dep. of Politology, EKU: The role of international organizations

  • Zsuzsa Gyarmati: Communication traning


Day 4:

  • László Domján, Gen., Head of Defense Policy Department, MoD: International operations of the Hungarian Defence Forces

  • Sztáray Péter, Ambassador, State Secretary for Security Policy, MFAT: Hungary and NATO

  • Dr. István Gyarmati, Ambassador,

President – ICDT: Closing speech


The project was sponsored by NATO PDD

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